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Is Thai Oasis for You..?

Thai Oasis:  Beauty Salon and specialists in therapeutic massage.   A Harmony of Health and Elegance.  

Maybe you are wary of injections....or lasers....or industrial chemicals....or synthetics....or side effects....maybe you yearn for a more compassionate treatment than you experience at the clinic...maybe you like the sensation of being lost in another world, another culture, even if only for a few hours!  The fragrances, the music....the peacefulness...Maybe you like to know you can rely and depend on therapists to really look after you and take care of you....


Thai Oasis is a synthesis of Ancient Oriental Heritage (Legendary Goodness...) and Western Management Practices, and has been faithfully serving the people of Abu Dhabi since 2004. Thai Oasis focuses on our wellness as the principle font of our radiance and beauty.  Our massages are traditional, authentic, and genuinely therapeutic.  The management focus at Thai Oasis means you can rely on receiving exceptional service and products at an exceptionally competitive price. You will enjoy all the beauty and wisdom conveyed through Ancient Oriental Heritage with the confidence and reliability of modern and efficient management.


Thai Oasis is for those who believe that true beauty is not necesarily something exclusive nor superficial, rather the innate radiance of a healthy mind and healthy body.

Thai Oasis Philosophy...

Thai Oasis is a powerful ally in our daily struggle against the ravages of our hectic modern-day lifestyle. The philosophy of Thai Oasis is that prevention is better than cure. Our focus is on helping to increase the fortitude of both mind and body, which not just releases our inner “eudaimonia” - (The Western philsopher Aristotle’s word for self-improvement and self-perfection,  or the satisfaction associated with human flourishing) - but maintains our health and lowers the possibility of unnecessary future ailments.


So at Thai Oasis our friendly and expert therapists will attend to your “inner” wellness objectives, and our friendly and expert beauticians will attend to your “outer” wellness objectives.


The Beauty of Thai Oasis...


If you believe that Mother Nature holds better answers for skincare than lasers and industrial chemicals, then you are in good company with Thai Oasis. Our massages, bath-oils and body treatments will rejuvenate and re-invigorate you, and we will supplement our services with dietary advice too for best results for your skin- and haircare.


Thai Oasis uses natural, organic and herbal compositions for beauty care.


The following are our complementary true beauty specialisms:


• Slimming

• Body contouring

• Anti-cellulite treatments

• Waxing/threading

• Bleaching

• Manicure/pedicure

• Haircare

• Facial treatments

• Moroccan bath